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January 17th, 2012 by

Hello all!
Ecstatic and dumbfounded, we write to tell you that we are pregnant!!  We are overjoyed to begin on the journey to becoming parents.  We are stunned that our heavenly Father has chosen us for this immense task of raising a child for His purposes and in His delight.
I am about 10 weeks, due date Aug14.  We have the privilege to have excellent care here in Haiti.  We have been in to see the best OBGYN in Haiti, Dr. Guichard, twice.  He has given me ultra sounds each time, and rightly so, has the nick name The Ultra Sound Dr.
Since we are first-timers, and because of our overwhelming desire to be near family during this special time, we have decided to come back to CA.  We plan to be back by the end of March.  Lucas has started up his program that auto-applies to jobs for him on Craigslist and has already sent out 300+ resumes and he's also had a couple great job interviews in the LA/OC areas.

See you soon!
Alicia + Lucas

  • T. Livesay

    HURRAH!!!!!  Happy baby growing guys!

  • LivPurple

    So exciting!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

  • aunt lisa

    so happy for ya’ll! What a blessing! Also a blessing for all of us in the states that can share with you in this joyous time in your life. Congratulations and love you guys! great aunt sounds so old though hehehe.

  • Melissa Eilenberger

    BIG SMILES HERE!  Babies are awesome!

  • Marcy Bradford


  • Jim Quayle

    Oh my! That is soooo cool! I am really excited for you…especially you Lucas. You are going to be a fun daddy! I’m excited for you too Alicia, but I think you are going to be the responsible, loving, endearing one 🙂 But, I’m sad we won’t see you there in May when our team comes again. And, I can’t imagine what the Manassero’s are going to do without you!!!!

  • Pjmeadth

    Jo and I are really thrilled for you guys. You will make wonderful parents. God bless you in every way.

  • Natalia Pappas

    OH MY GOODNESS! That is so exciting! =) congradulations Alicia and Lucas!!!! You guys are going to be AMAMZING parents!

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