Lucas has lived in the South Bay almost his entire life only for a short break did he ever escape its clutches.  His childhood was full of accordion lessons, tandem bicycles, computers and throwing change on the floor (long story).  College was his only reprieve and after graduating he pledged he would never return to his homeland.  A short while later, God had different plans and he found himself back in that place he so dearly wanted to not be.   He began making plans to return to the promised land, also known as San Diego.  All plans failed.  He started making friends here and found King's Harbor, a church where he felt like he fit in.  Then, it was 2006.  The location: Rubios (although Alicia sometimes disputes this - Lucas is writing so he has the say).  There was a new girl in the church group and her name was Alicia.  She was from the far off land called Orange County.  To Orange Countians - LA is far, so she was quite brave to venture to such a far off land.  Alicia had just graduated from Biola and had lived in Orange County her whole life.  A little while later, Lucas and Alicia got a chance to connect on a Mexico mission trip.  The rest as they say is history.  Now to Haiti.  Lucas and Alicia's friends were going to Haiti and Lucas got to go.  It was 4 days of opening his life to God like he hadn't before, everything in him desired to go back and take Alicia.  For 8 months Alicia heard about Haiti, heard the Haitian Creole accordion worship CD, the Wally Turnbull cd, the other language CDs - then it was time.  They went, they both shared the vision and could not wait to return.  They next led a team.  Then they spent Christmas there.  They led more teams.  In December 2009, they went back for their second Christmas trip and stayed for 5 weeks.  A few weeks later, the earthquake hit and their involvement and commitment to the ministry was even deeper than before.  They got to return for 1 week in March which turned into two weeks (there is never enough time) which turned into the vision and invitation to stay for a longer period.  We hope to return for a year starting in September 2010 and hope that you will pray with us about what God is doing in and through us!

To find out  more about where we will be check out www.childhope.org

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