Our Vision

Our number one goal is to come along-side and serve the Manassero Family and the work God has given them at Maison de Lumiere in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, through Child Hope International.  Their vision states, "Child Hope International seeks to rescueand care for impoverished children and orphans in order to equip them to be the next generation of disciples for Christ, prepared to impact their world for Him."  We fully believe in this work the Manassero family is doing in Jesus Name, and so our vision is their vision.

Lucas spends much of his time working on Child Hope communications and the web-site.  He maintains and develops the site so that visitors to the site can easily navigate it, be informed, and get frequent updates.  He also coordinates all the teams coming to and from the orphanage and helps run the guesthouse.  He is excited that being in Haiti will gives ample opportunity to provide very current updates about daily life at Maison de Lumiere.  He also provides computer training to the students at the MdL school.  We hope that he will assist in starting up an IT micro-business that can provide services to local businesses, while giving the opportunity for work to the young adults of MdL.

Alicia spends all her time serving with Child Hope too.  She spends most of her time being spent on administrative help: meetings, supplies, and bookkeeping.  She runs the feeding program and also helps manage the guesthouse.  She also always desires to spend more quality time with the teenage girls imparting what she can of a life committed to Christ.  She really desires to be a learner of the Haitian culture: food, dance, language, history, more and more!

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