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This next journey in our lives is undoubtedly a radical one!  We feel we have already begun as the Lord began packing our hearts with His love for this incredible people and nation 3 years ago.

It began with Lucas' first trip with a group of our close friends for 4 short days.  He was notably impacted by his time there, he made a memory photo book within days of return, and kept the same accordion worship CD playing in his truck for months.  His obsession became my interest as we soon after journeyed from dating to engaged to married.  I studied up on Haitian history and we dove into learning Haitian Creole.  Nou rete na ti kay la me nou pa kapab fe travay la beyn la.  Finally, when we found a team to join where we could journey to Haiti together: Haiti Camp-in-a-Box 2008.  My heart too, was stolen, and it was down hill from there.  We quickly became team leaders for trips from our church Kings Harbor Church, organizers for fundraising events, and the Child Hope contact.  As we continued to return we felt more and more a call to serve there long term, and saw the short term trips we were leading as part of our preparation.

Last November we led a team to Child Hope and then stayed to serve for an additional month.  In this time we were able to see and feel what more day to day life is like in Haiti.  During a week trip many times people experience such an incredible high that masks the true hardships of everyday Haiti life.  The heat, the mosquitoes, cultural differences, things never going as planned, the lack of public services, limited health care, and spiritual attack.  Not  to say that we thought this was all fun and games, but we survived... and not only that... we still didn't want to leave.  We had planned to take another baby step toward moving to Haiti in 2010 by spending about 3 months there.  God had other plans for us.  Prov 16:9

The Earthquake on Jan 12 that devastated the already devastated city of Port-au-Prince turned the course of our involvement there.  Suddenly, we became the hub of communication between the Manassero family and everyone in the states.  Lucas was updating the website, facebook, and twitter regularly.  I helped communicate direct to family members of those in Haiti, began to assist with the relief effort, and was soon hired full-time by Child Hope to coordinated relief teams.  And, suddenly we could not go to Haiti as our hearts yearned to.  Our work was in the states, quite obviously the Lord had us right where He wanted us.  Before we knew it, end of March, our work in Child Hope communications and planning necessitated that we go to Haiti!!  Soon we were in Haiti finding out that we could do our work from there.  Bill and Susette invited us to join them for a year.  Excitement!

Another 180 and we were back to taking steps toward moving.  We discussed with our Missions pastor and with our families.  We downsized.  We created this website.  We are building a home team.  We are planning an info night to personally and verbally share our story, heart, and vision.  We are asking the Lord for Him to equip us with everything we need in order to do the good work He has called us to do.

Journey with us as we follow Jesus to serve as He did, among the poor.  Please stay updated with our journey via our blog, updates, photos, and prayer needs.

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