Counting The Cost

EDH aka City Power

dont try this at home

Living in the 3rd world country of Haiti isn't as cheap as you may think.  Rent for a house could be 1000/month and this needs to be paid a year up front.  Other needs to rent a facility that meets the standards of being secure, having a water system, and having electricity may include a repairs to walls or gate, water storage container, generator, batteries, and inverter.  Also, there are more familiar needs such as stove, refrigerator, and furnishings.  We estimate our start up costs will be about $30,000.

Giving to this $30,000 is with long-term vision.  Even though our initial commitment is a year, we hope that whether we stay or go, this facility will become a Child Hope facility.  Depending on its size, this facility can be designated staff housing for a single couple or family, or for several individuals and/or couples.  We are praying that God provides for this staff housing need whether it is through this idea or some other way.

Haiti being an island, most everything is imported.  Importing in a 3rd world country with minimal governing structure is a long and slow process marking up the prices of goods up to 50%.  Monthly food costs for 2 adults is looking like $600.  Water is trucked to facilities and stored in cisterns.  Electricity is spotty and is powered by the city of Port-au-Prince, but only comes on once a day (usually) and the cost of it is impossible to calculate as they seem to charge whatever they feel like.  Rent for the following year must be saved for monthly.  Other costs are diesel (for generator), propane (for stove), security guard, laundry, and medical insurance.  And, of course, internet will be a major necessity!  We estimate that our monthly costs will be a minimum $3,100.

We do welcome those of you who may want to support us monthly to do so.  We continue to pray for the Lord’s guidance in this.

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