School Computer Lab

On Tuesday and Thursdays my main job is School Computer Teacher.  I am the only American teacher at this school (it's a French speaking, Haitian run school) - it's mostly a school for our orphanage kids and some outside neighborhood kids.  Overall, the kids are really enjoying it and I am enjoying a chance to expose them to technology even if it is only for a few hours every week.  I feel like it will give them a step ahead in life even if they know some basic computer skills.

We have 10 fairly new windows machines in our computer lab with internet.  Most schools in Haiti, if you wanted to take a computer class you would have to pay and you would be lucky if you got a machine that was as up to date as Windows XP.  We are all Vista (it works, no hating) or Windows 7.  Internet would be another charge at any other school, but it is free here.  While we haven't fully started using it, I definitely have been using it little by little to ease kids into it who have never used it before.

While the lab is going great, I am always looking for ways to expand beyond what is currently there.  We recently were donated a set of Leapster Explorers, so getting more games (especially in Math) would be wonderful.  We got a Lego Mindstorms set which we have used some in the class too.

10 computers is what we currently have and we have little space to expand beyond that.  We could still use a few more, and some are bound to break down eventually which even losing one computer would be hard for us right now.  To keep them going, we really would love to get some battery back up (UPS') - I'm estimating we would need about 3-4 at 90 bucks a pop.  The power goes out and the computers die, and it's not only annoying but bad for the computers.  If anyone wants to give these, I can literally go pick them up the day after the money comes in.  Click here to donate towards that.  This is probably one of the highest priorities.

We'd also love some French educational games, or French learning software.  I'm seeming to have a hard time finding some of this stuff in French.  The stuff I've found we can use it isn't French but I put it up at http://amzn.com/w/3D39ZUQHNL38Z - If you buy anything via that link it should ship to me (hopefully I would be able to get it by May), but it won't be tax deductible.  If you'd like to donate to the computer lab and receive a tax deduction, please click here We would also accept laptop donations if they are XP+ or a fairly recent Mac OS.

Of course, Alicia and I always could use and truly appreciate your support in God's journey for us here.  If you are interested in contributing, please go to our giving page here

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